“Change or Die.” – Claudian

Claudian quotes“Change or Die.” – Claudian

About Claudian

Claudius Claudianus, usually known in English as Claudian (/ˈklɔːdiən/; c. 370 – c. 404 AD), was a Latin poet associated with the court of the emperor Honorius at Mediolanum (Milan), and particularly with the general Stilicho. His work, written almost entirely in hexameters or elegiac couplets, falls into three main categories: poems for Honorius, poems for Stilicho, and mythological epic.

Claudian was born in Alexandria. He arrived in Rome before 395, and made his mark with a eulogy of his two young patrons, Probinus and Olybrius, thereby becoming court poet. He wrote a number of panegyrics on the consulship of his patrons, praise poems for the deeds of Stilicho, and invectives directed at Stilicho’s rivals in the Eastern court of Arcadius.
He was well rewarded for these efforts . He was granted the rank of vir illustris. The Roman senate honored him with a statue in the Roman Forum in 400.[2] Stilicho’s wife, Serena, secured a rich wife for him.
Since none of Claudian’s poems record the achievements of Stilicho after 404, scholars assume Claudian died in that year.

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“Change or Die.” – Claudian


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